Introducing Yule Love It's first farm fable: Brownie 2 Takes a Leap

Lem & Lee's hen yard, the place where farm fables are hatched
Lem and Lee’s five hens gathered around the pen’s water bowl. The rising sun sparked a mischievous gleam in Blondie’s eyes. Brownie 2 knew what was up.

“Bock, bock!” Blondie commanded.

Silver yawned. “Now what?”

“That’s not nice, Silver,” Blackie said and turned to Blondie. “What’s on your mind?”

Blondie pulled five straws from under her wing, winked at Brownie 1, and pointed to the pen door jammed against their rolling pen. “Look, Lem forgot to close it last night. Now’s our chance to do what we’ve all talked about.”

Brownie 2 squawked. “You mean what you and my twin have talked about. I’ve heard your whispers on the roost.”

Brownie 1 blushed.

Blondie stretched her neck and strutted. “Honestly girls, don’t you want to scratch for worms and bugs,” she pointed to their tractor pen, “outside that thing?”

“Booooock!” cried Silver. “To be snatched up by a hawk, never to roost together again?”

“Please,” Blondie drawled. She held up the straws. “This is fair and square.”

“Yes, fair and square,” Blackie clucked.

Brownie 2 scowled. “Tell the truth, Blondie! You and Brownie 1 want to scratch in Lem and Lee’s gardens!”

Silver gasped.

Blondie, the bossy hen
Blondie cocked her head. “What’s wrong with that?” She rolled her eyes. “Just look at this place. Not a worm in sight.”

Blackie flapped her wings. “You know she’s right.”

“Guaaawk!” Silver protested. “No she’s not! Lee’s gardens need their worms. That’s why she takes us on tractor field trips to the compost bins!”

Blondie thrust out her plump breast. “Whoever draws the shortest straw simply jumps atop the tractor pen to see Lem and Lee’s gardens. That’s all you have to do.”

Brownie 2 suspected foul play. “Let me see those straws, Blondie.”

The instigator splayed her wing feathers and revealed one short straw and four the same
length. “Are you satisfied?”

Brownie 2 looked to the sun for her answer. In a step and a leap she landed atop the tractor pen.

“Brownie 2! Come down before a hawk spies you!” cried Silver.

“What do you see?” hollered Blondie, Blackie, and Brownie 1.

Brownie 2 turned her head around. “Rolling turf and trees everywhere! And fields!”

“Can you see Lee’s gardens?” asked Blondie.

Brownie 2 landed on soft grass. Morning’s dew felt cool under her feet.

“Come back!” Silver pleaded.

The runaway zigzagged up the hill toward Lem and Lee’s house, looking about the landscape.

“Bock! Bock! Look for worms!” Blondie demanded.
But Brownie 2 heard only birdsong in trees on the hill. Then, a winged shadow passed over her. She froze. To her relief, Lem appeared on the slope.

“Come on, girl,” he said.

She hurried behind him to the big pen where her family waited.

“Well, that was a fine adventure,” Lem said and latched the door.

“Did you see worms in their gardens?” her four sisters persisted.

Brownie 2 shook her head. “I saw tall trees and colorful birds singing lovely music.”

Blondie sulked and ducked under the henhouse for a dust bath.

That night, Lem and Lee’s hens roosted together. Brownie 2 fell fast asleep, satisfied with her fine adventure. She saved Lee’s beautiful gardens from Blondie’s appetite. In return,Lem saved her from the hawk’s.

Fair and square.