Raincoat with a sunny disposition

L-R: Iris, Jennifer's mother, and Jennifer of Just Delicious Scones in Roseville

Several years ago, while I walked Target’s aisles in search of a flip phone, a patch of yellow on a clothes rack caught my eye.
Spring coats! Just what I needed.
I almost didn’t carry my lovely find to the cashier. As my mother, I don’t like belts on my garments, and doggone it—the waistline sports a cloth belt through loops.
Furthermore, I seldom buy new clothing manufactured in Asia. This explains my thirty-year-old wardrobe. I’d rather buy resale. Yet, the price was right, I found my size, and the tag says “machine wash cold with like colors.” Utility sealed the deal.
The first day I wore my bargain out and about, perfect strangers stopped me to say, “What a cute coat!”
“Target,” I said.
“You’re kidding!”
Repeatedly, fellow grocery shoppers pass with strong declarations. “I love your coat!” for instance.
From Washington D.C. to Mackinac Island, it’s the same tune. “Where did you find that darling coat?”
This popularity borders on embarrassing. At times I’ve been tempted to untie the belt, unbutton the coat, and hand it over to the admirer so I may return to my normal, inconspicuous life.
Then I consider the dreadful experience of shopping for a replacement. Why submit myself to such torment at risk of not finding another attractive bargain that suits me? My yellow raincoat reminds me to trust whatever I need will find me. So I use what I have.
Undeniably, my favorite spring coat of all time possesses a cheerful personality. The designer created a floral pattern and fabric that serves many purposes.
It’s just the right weight, camouflages tea and coffee spills, and machine dries beautifully with little ironing required. What woman wouldn’t adore such benefits?
I’m learning to accept compliments. After all, yellow and I go way back to the early 1960’s on Wagner Street in Warren. There, for one spring and summer, I wore the daffodil linen duster my mother sewed me for Easter.
Yellow and I belong together come springtime.
That’s what Jennifer, owner of Just Delicious Scones said when I dropped in several weeks ago. The Roseville business is a bakery and home of the Royal Treat Tea Room.
The place smelled like my kitchen when I bake mocha pecan scones. Now, I admire a person who can bake a good scone. Jennifer blends dough for upwards of twenty variations.
“I really love your coat. It was made just for you,” Jennifer said.
I’d never heard that comment before. “Thank you.” I asked if she would pose with me for a picture.
“Sure! Why did you stop by?”
“I just left the Roseville Library and would like to buy your toffee chocolate scones.”
One question led to another. I purchased my order and Jennifer bought my novel.
Dear Reader, I’m glad my raincoat with character caught my eye. Its sunny disposition is just what I need on rainy days.
Oh, and I found a flip phone. It’s all I need to communicate when I’m on the road.